How to disappear completely…

Two inspiring days one after the other… Placed under special circumstances… First the spoke of the universe… Round and round… In a surround of percussions which echoed in the middle of darkness… Bouncing sounds all over volcanic stone… Little hits in a very low key… Beginning at one side travelling in circles wrapping mind over it’s own deep thoughts, either you closed your eyes or you stare at the night sky, little spots of light could be perceived what a better sign of being outside this world. Pulsars then began to interact with each hit on the drums and the cymbals, as is stated the maximum recurrence between cycles is about 1.3 seconds so you could imagine the images and notes overlapping. In the end a single voice, so simple, so daunting true echo like a true gyroscope spinning and through the air expanding the waves toward mind, cycle after cycle, spin after spin until the eternal recurrence is broken in pieces,  six sides of the circle, six stages to travel through, percussions sets to begin your own pulsar. Past was in front, until the recurrence is over until your sight chooses the next platform, the next percussion set, at your own rhythm and your own mind. Time to travel in space and time always remember that ancient call which set you free.

After that, at sight, a rainbow so colourful that easily became all you needed. I must confess I didn’t expect such an astonishing set of lights and songs from first to last. When I heard before expressions of people who came to the first show, I thought there were overreactions but what a nice surprise to feel exactly the way it was expressed, in such a beautiful show. Lyrics and music Radiohead played reaching several interesting states of mind. As a drums fan I was hypnotized by some of those beats powerful enough to let mind travel, a night full of surprises some could state logic acted and some of them were expected  the unexpected. Reality as the present moment, with or without logic it doesn’t matter not even a little, what happened in there, at the right time where some songs began was for real, rumors were not what shaped those songs as they were part of the infinite possibilities. Listening carefully, listening each word each piece of music specially Videotape and the one who entitled this post, were moments I enjoyed and would repeat in my mind for days, for sure they will be held as a very special evening in company of true friends, what else could you ask for, i just enjoyed the whole event, lost in each beat… Those acrylic tubes hanging from the top created also a special atmosphere, relying on the light distortion to see through the stage just to help mental imagery to be forged under captivity, before highly emotional content that was the main part… Great emotions felt, great emotions to share… Some classics, some ongoing classics and some hidden songs for some time were the main ingredients for a great Radiohead concert. Great way to finish another really inspiring evening, i can still hear many of the songs played, the way they were played, what was on my mind as well as stranger’s and friends reactions, i guess part of the legends series… the way to be remembered…

Now I’m ready to disappear completely…

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3 Responses to “How to disappear completely…”

  1. A stranger that isn't here Says:

    This is my way of saying goodbye
    Because I can’t do it face to face
    I’m talking to you after it’s too late

    No matter what happens now
    You shouldn’t be afraid
    Because I know today has been the most perfect day I’ve ever seen.

    Strobe lights and blown speakers
    Fireworks and hurricanes
    I’m not here
    This isn’t happening

  2. me encanta como describes todo!! tienes una facilidad para hacer sentir cada palabra… uufff!! aun muero de la envidia jajaja que chido!! un abrazote =)!

  3. I'm not here Says:

    Don’t disappear completely 😦

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