Red Rain is pouring down

As my consciousness keeps watching an extreme individualisation even collective efforts are being held all over different channels, this is not the main theme of the current thoughts, although I want to get deeper into it, it’s time to talk about the opposite. Coincidences are nothing but merely events that collide involuntary, we could stick attributes in an attempt of understanding or an attempt of placing our own being at higher instances, both of them satisfy mind and soul, as enjoying the moment, as keeping mind open, perhaps on the air, so it can be taken up to new boundaries. So, events, one is exposed to fulfil mind and there is where truly inspiration arise, specially when they come as a set, formed of different kind of expressions, they are experienced and lived, senses are eager to listen, to watch and feel, they are gathered in our own soul for a review and recall for the original feeling and how it can evolve as they coincide with what you have seen. Value the experience, live the moment and create new ones, that’s where coincidences may be generated.

Nu solen går ned

A few weeks ago, Nordic voices sang at the centre of and old building’s courtyard, they move all over the place filling the whole space with different tones, a combination of three incredible voices telling ancient folk Norwegian stories. As is said over there, a song can be known not through their original author but through the current interpreter, this is said to be etter. That interpretation, those actual voices are the ones to be stored in memory, that instance of the songs and music, which was simple but powerful enough to haunt the whole place. The way the three voices adopted a role in each piece of the night showed the advanced integration they have, from performing a subtle background to a very high tone, to a playful movement with big diapasons  which made a good companion to those voices. The highest point in the evening was when the voices travel from different positions of the courtyard to finally meet at the centre, around a fountain,you could feel how each voices was getting closer, so they could rise together once they were face to face.

The Rhythm of the Heat

The end of the month was near, so it was the end of the “Small Place” Tour performed by Peter Gabriel at Mexico City. As many of you know, it has been the most influential musician in my life, so this show was long awaited since it was announced last December. The streets to get there were too crowded, as it was expected not because of the show, it is the normal traffic in this city at those hours, the show itself didn’t reached it’s maximum capacity but that’s not so important. Once over there, lights were down and the ambience was set by Zaar, part of the Passion soundtrack. Just to begin with a powerful drum, a beat inviting to just forget about anything and get carried by the music, with uncertainty in our self conscious. Some favourite ones such as the start with that Rhythm of the Heat, Blood of Eden, Darkness, Secret World, In Your Eyes and of course Biko. Each one of those were really really special, haunted by visual effects and the music performed by such a great band joining PG. Unforgettable night watching images move and deeply moved by each song. Once in a while a look at the dark night, loosing into dreams, loosing into illusions, tears were close, for me… the most emotive show I’ve ever been.

There were new arrangements for very old songs, a reinvention of himself. San Jacinto was one that surprised me, two big eyes, eagle or owl, emerged from the darkness, pledging for holding the line, for growing, for endurance, really impressive. Incredible voice, I still shivers on some of the songs performed that night. During Blood of Eden, well… images again were deep, I couldn’t keep my sight away of them, portraying human psychology. When Secret World was played, well… nothing but to listen.

Curiously I read a note in the newspaper about how PG’s personal image was not about a “rocker” guy, such a hollow note, besides re-stating the decadence of the current newspaper. Just to hear Signal to Noise, Darkness or The Tower That Ate People or the way old songs were played as well as how the show was arranged carrying a defined structure,  only shows a great artist with not only a unique style but with great diversity to show. Deep, intelligent, with great musicians. The great Tony Levin and his bass, another one with extreme talent and a long time PG’s partner, very good combination along with David Rhodes. Ged Lynch at drums, excellent, powerful when it was needed, Melanie, PG’s daughter in vocals, Richard Evans, another one with so many trick s under the sleeve with each instrument he touches and a new one Angie Pollock at keyboards, each one of them very good to set an emotive atmosphere.

A night of memories, a night of long travelling back since 2002 when I had the chance of seeing him for my first time, this night was outstanding, full of colour, full of emotions and again… thoughts and memories. It couldn’t end in a better way than with a candle, not only for Steve Biko, but for all the world, song began with PG and was passed to the audience, last shouts were and should be done by us… an excellent picture of the grand finale…

“You can blow out a candle
But you can’t blow out a fire
Once the flames begin to catch
The wind will blow it higher”

(this was a very very late post, but anyway… i couldn’t miss it, and sorry for the long post :P)

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4 Responses to “Red Rain is pouring down”

  1. I'm not here Says:

    It is so strange the way things turn
    …Dont give up
    I know you can make it good

  2. cada momento tiene sus propias sensaciones, cuando la lluvia cae refresca cada hebra de lo que entra en contacto…

    no importa que sea un late post, lo valio!! tan solo de leerlo me imagine ahi … wooow!!

  3. dejando huella en la web no debe limitarse sólo a los proyectos… o a los dm … por favor regresa a mi vida!! te extraño mucho mi estimado compadre!!

  4. 2 years later 🙂

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